Chakda Xpress: Teaser of Jhulan Goswami’s biopic starring Anushka Sharma released;

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Chakda Xpress: Teaser of Jhulan Goswami’s biopic starring Anushka Sharma released – Jhulan Goswami, one of the fastest female pacers in international cricket history, will be profiled in Chakda Xpress.

Chakda Xpress, Netflix India’s next feature, was unveiled today. The film, which stars Anushka Sharma and is produced by Clean Slate Filmz and directed by Prosit Roy, is based on Jhulan Goswami’s remarkable narrative.

Chakda Xpress, produced by Karnesh Ssharma, will follow Jhulan Goswami, one of the fastest female pacers in international cricket history, as she rises through the ranks against the numerous obstacles posed by misogynistic politicians to accomplish her single dream: to play cricket.


What Anushka Sharma said speaking about the film:

It’s a truly unique film since it’s ultimately a storey of immense sacrifice. Chakda Xpress is based on the lives and occasions of former Indian captain Jhulan Goswami and will provide an insight into the world of women’s cricket. When Jhulan decided to be a cricketer and represent her country on the international stage, it was extremely difficult for women to even consider taking up the sport. This film is a theatrical reenactment of several events in her life as well as in women’s cricket.

Between support systems to facilities, to having a steady income from playing the game, to even having a future in cricket – virtually little compelled women in India to pursue cricket as a career. Jhulan had a tumultuous and unpredictable cricketing career, but she remained determined to make her country proud. She worked hard to break the stigma that women cannot make a profession out of playing cricket in India, so that the next generation of girls would have a more even playing field. Her life is a living testament to the fact that passion and tenacity triumph over any and all challenges, and Chakda Xpress is the ultimate peek inside the not-so-rosy world of women’s cricket back then.

We really should thank Jhulan and her teammates for helping to revolutionise women’s cricket in India. It is their dedication, enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment to bringing attention to women’s cricket that has changed the game for future generations. I was happy to hear Jhulan’s narrative as a woman, and it is an honour for me to try to bring her life to audiences and cricket fans. As a cricketing nation, we must recognise the contributions of our female players. Jhulan’s narrative is a true underdog storey in the history of Indian cricket, and the video is a celebration of her tenacity.

What Jhulan Goswami said speaking about the film:

Once you represent India, that is all you can think about. Apne liye nahi, tum desh ke liye khel rahe hai. 11 ladies are competing to make Team India’s name in history.
It makes no difference whether they stated ladkiyan cricket nahi khel sakti.
It doesn’t matter if a man’s achievements are sometimes elevated beyond your own.
It makes no difference if the stadiums are empty.

When you pull up to the pitch to bowl, all you see is your opponent holding the cricket bat and the stumps you need to remove.

This level of laser-like focus is conducive to achievement. That, and recognising that you’re here because of everything that went right rather than because of everything that went wrong. It is about understanding one’s place in the world and keeping one’s feet firmly on the ground.

Team India is more than simply the cacophony of 1.3 billion cheering and praying voices.
When the stumps are ultimately knocked out, it is sometimes just one girl from Chakda playing a game of cricket with her squad shaking, yelling for, and rising together.
Now is the time to admire the women’s brilliance. It’s our turn, and we’re ready to have some fun.

You can see us today. You’ll remember our names tomorrow.

Join us as we root for Team India and tell you this storey. Chakda Xpress is currently in production. I’ll see you on the field.

Pratiksha Rao, Director, Films and Licensing, Netflix India, says:

Jhulan Goswami’s path, while tremendously motivating, is also terribly astonishing in illustrating the numerous odds she faced; and Chakda Xpress is the storey of her successes despite those challenges. We are deeply honoured and proud to bring this storey of an unlikely champion and her contribution to Indian cricket to Netflix, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Clean Slate Filmz and Anushka Sharma, who has won audiences with the many unique roles she’s played with wholehearted passion and emotion.

Karnesh Ssharma, Producer, Chakda Xpress / Cleanslate Filmz, says:

Cricket is more than a sport in India; it is an emotion. We at Clean Slate Filmz are committed to delivering the best tales to the screen, and Chakda Xpress is one such unique storey of a pioneer in women’s cricket in India, inspired by the life of Jhulan Goswami. We are very humbled to present her tremendous contribution to sport across 190 countries with Netflix, and with the fantastic response that Bulbbul received and how far it moved, I am thrilled to join with Netflix again since this is a tale that can resonate with people worldwide.

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