How to Date a Girl

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Don’t panic!

Ugh, first date nerves. They’re literally the worst, right? You want to make a good impression for this cute girl, but you don’t want to come off as anxious. Don’t worry, these tips will help your first time out go incredibly well.

Do your research

Get to know her a little over text or IM first. This will help you have some really sweet conversation topics during your date and figure out more about your common interests.

Arrive a little early

Not too early, you don’t want to wait for half an hour.  But even just five or six minutes goes a long way. Plus, there’s nothing more embarassing than waiting 30 or 45 mintues for a date to arrive. Trust me, been there on both sides: not fun.

Bring up things you remember about her

There’s no better way to make a date feel wanted than to bring up little bits of their life that you remember. Not just will you impress her, but you’ll show her that you care to know more about her interests or career.

And ask her questions about herself

Show an active interest in her, and she’ll be impressed that you care to know more about her. Don’t overdo it, of course. You want her to return the favor!

Compliment her outfit

Of course she looks good in it, so tell her she looks good in it.

Photo: Jessica Polar (Unsplash)

Accept her compliments, too

No need to be shy. If she says you look stunning in that dress, then you probably do. So accept her compliments with grace and style. She’ll find it cute.

Photo: James Garcia (Unsplash)

Pick foods you feel comfortable eating

There’s nothing worse than being a sloppy eater at a date. If you’re choosing the location, pick a place with food that tastes good and won’t make you drop a utensil on the floor.

Photo: Ali Inay (Unsplash)

Or try something different

No need to go for the standard “dinner and a movie” script. Why not go to the beach, catch a basement show, or grab ice cream? She’ll be impressed by your creativity.

Photo: Allef Vinicius (Unsplash)

Be open to new ideas

She wants to go dancing in the club? Go stargazing on her apartment rooftop? Go for it. Dates are also a bit of give and take, and indulging her interests will certainly make her feel more attached to you.

Be a little flirty too

Hey, it’s a date, right? Every girl is different, but a little flirtation never hurt anyone. So go ahead and tell her her tattoo is very cute. I’m sure it is.

Photo: Brooke Cagle (Unsplash)

Be you!

Chances are you’re out tonight because your date already thinks you’re cute or interesting. So don’t worry too much, just be yourself!

Photo: REASONS ART (Unsplash)


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