Shoaib Akhtar blames Virat Kohli for marrying Anushka Sharma ‘Too Early’;

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Shoaib Akhtar blames Virat Kohli for marrying Anushka Sharma ‘Too Early’;

Former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar has said that if he was Virat Kohli, he would not have married because he would have preferred to concentrate on his cricket.

“I do not know what is right, what is wrong. It has all happened, now how to go ahead from here matters. Kohli has the bat, he does not want to be dropped from the team. Performance pressure will be there on him, I wanted him to score 120 tons and not become the captain and I did not want him to get married,” Akhtar told ANI.

“If I was in India and was a fast-bowler, I would not have married. I would have focused on my cricket, this is my thinking. It was Kohli’s personal decision. If you asked me, I would have focused on my cricket,” he added.

Akhtar also stated that Virat Kohli was forced to step down as India’s captain. Kohli stepped down as T20I captain last year and was then removed as ODI captain because the selectors preferred a single skipper for the white-ball format. After seven years as India’s Test captain, Kohli announced his retirement.

Akhtar who is currently participating in the Legends League Cricket told ANI:

“Virat didn’t leave captaincy but was forced to do so. This is not the best of times for him but he needs to prove what he is made of. Is he made of steel or iron? He is a great guy and a cricketer. Do not try too many things, just go out there and play cricket. He is a great batsman and has achieved more than anyone else in the world. Kohli just needs to go out there and play with his natural flow.”

“He plays a lot with his bottom hand and I think when the form is out, bottom hand players usually are the first ones to get in trouble. I think he’s gonna come out of this. He should move forward from this and not keep any bitterness against anyone. Just forgive everybody and keep moving,” he added.

Talking about India’s next Test captain, the pacer said: “I know BCCI will make a smart decision regarding this.”

The schedule for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 was announced on Friday. Moreover, India will be locking horns with Pakistan in their first match of the tournament on October 23 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

“We will beat India again in Melbourne. Pakistan is a better side than India in T20 cricket. It’s the Indian media that make unnecessary pressure on their team whenever we have the clash of both countries in cricket, it’s normal for India to lose,” Akhtar added.

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