Shane Warne slams Cricket Australia after Justin Langer exit

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Shane Warne slams Cricket Australia after Justin Langer exit

Former Australia spinner Shane Warne slammed Cricket Australia on Monday, and termed Justin Langer removal as coach an “absolute disgrace.”

Cricket Australia on Saturday accepted men’s team head coach Justin Langer’s resignation.

“Justin offered a short-term extension to his current contract, which sadly he has opted not to accept,” stated an official Cricket Australia release.

“To treat the head coach the way they have, it’s an absolute disgrace what they’ve done. All of us who have played with Justin, we are not coming out because he’s our friend or a great cricketer or a Hall of Famer. We are coming out because it’s the treatment of the coach,” Warne said on the Follow-On podcast, as reported by Fox Sports.

“Forget it’s Justin Langer. It’s just the treatment of Cricket Australia and the way they have handled the coach of the Australian cricket team. It’s been pathetic. We were finally starting to see the integrity coming back to the Australian cricket,” he added.

Justin’s contract extension was the result of a thorough review process that evaluated a number of factors, including the team’s future needs and the upcoming extensive fixture schedule. The CA Board approved the extension, which offered to Justin last night. It included the chance to defend their T20 World Cup title in Australia later this year.

“It’s not a great Australian cricket team we are talking about here. But all that Justin Langer put in over three or four years, we are just starting to see the rewards for his hard work. His brutalness, his intensity and his kick up the backside to the players. You know why? They needed it,” said Langer.

“If they can start doing this for another five or six years. Not to lose at home, beat India away and beat England away. Then we might start talking about this great Australian cricket team. But they aren’t at the moment. If they didn’t like his style and he had lost the dressing room, well, they better start performing. They have to perform,” he added.

Langer was appointed as the men’s team coach in 2018.

Langer stated in his resignation letter that he is satisfied with his decision and that the speculation regarding his tenure as coach had taken a toll on his family.

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