Respect Justin Langer, but not my call whether he should continue as coach, says Pat Cummins;

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Respect Justin Langer, but not my call whether he should continue as coach, says Pat Cummins;

Australia Test skipper Pat Cummins on Thursday said that it is not up to the players to decide whether Justin Langer should remain as head coach, but rather a decision made by Cricket Australia.

Langer’s contract is up for renewal later this year, and talk is rife as to whether he will stay on as coach after winning the T20 World Cup and the Ashes.

“It’s in Cricket Australia’s hands. JL’s been doing a fantastic job, he’s been there for four years, his contract is obviously up soon, they’re just going through an evaluation process at the moment, which I think is fair, the right thing to do,” Sydney Morning Herald quoted Cummins as saying.

“We all get evaluated all the time as cricketers. It’s part of a high-performance environment. That process is happening, it’s a decision for Cricket Australia and we just have to wait. That’s Cricket Australia’s job, it’s not my job. I’ve really loved my time working with JL,” he added.

Langer was reportedly involved in a heated exchange with Cricket Australia officials on Monday, during which he was requested to reapply for the role of head coach. Cricket Australia, on the other hand, has disputed all of these allegations.

“There’s been a process, I’ve been part of that, a lot of other players have been part of that. It’s just like when we get evaluated. I’ve got huge respect for JL, I’ve really liked working with him, but it’s not my call,” said Cummins.

Langer was appointed as the men’s team coach in 2018. After the Sandpaper Gate which saw David Warner, Steve Smith serving out one-year bans.

Australia will play Sri Lanka in a five-match T20I series before heading to Pakistan for a multi-format series.

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