Pat Cummins’ reputation has taken hit after Langer’s exit, he needs to come clean says Michael Clarke

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Pat Cummins’ reputation has taken hit after Langer’s exit, he needs to come clean says Michael Clarke

Former Australia captain Michael Clarke believes Pat Cummins’ reputation has taken a hit after Justin Langer’s resignation as senior men’s team coach.

Cricket Australia on Saturday accepted men’s team head coach Justin Langer’s resignation.

“Justin was offered a short-term extension to his current contract, which sadly he has opted not to accept,” stated an official Cricket Australia release.

After this, former Australia pacer Mitchell Johnson slammed Cummins, calling him “gutless” and saying that the Test captain is planning to bring his own coach.

“The Australian public isn’t stupid and this is my point with Pat Cummins. His reputation is squeaky-clean. Right now it has taken a hit, until he stands there and voices his opinion. Look what Mitchell Johnson said about Pat Cummins. A teammate, a friend of his has smoked him,” Clarke said on The Big Sports Breakfast, as reported by Fox Sports.

Lack of player and board support says Justin Langer in resignation letter

“My advice to Patty is he has got to stand there. He needs to tell the fans where he sits on this because everyone thinks it is Patty who made the decision. That accountability sits with him. He is trying to honour both parties and has done it very well. He is trying to look after Cricket Australia. I don’t like seeing Pat get smacked for this because I think he is in a lose-lose situation. He sits right in the middle,” he added.

Justin’s contract extension was the result of a thorough review process that evaluated a number of factors, including the team’s future requirements and the upcoming large fixture schedule. The CA Board approved the extension, which was offered to Justin last night. It included the opportunity to defend their T20 World Cup title in Australia later this year.

Langer was appointed as the men’s team coach in 2018. Under Langer, Australia won the T20 World Cup in 2021 and then the Ashes.

“Patty needs to come out and make his opinion very clear. Cricket Australia has to allow him to be open and honest otherwise he will be blamed for this. A lot of people are smashing him for this,” said Clarke.

“I saw Mitchell Johnson’s comments, he smoked him. I think a lot of people are thinking what Mitch is thinking. You’ve got the likes of Mark Taylor talking about it, Steve Waugh making comments, Ricky Ponting’s comments are very strong. Moreover, I’m suggesting to Pat Cummins as the leader, he needs to stand tall and explain to past players — Mitchell Johnson, Steve Waugh, Ricky Ponting, Matthew Hayden — plus the fans and cricket lovers, what the hell is going on here,” he added.

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