Michael Vaughan praises Pat Cummins for dealing with ’empathy’ in Justin Langer’s resignation issue

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Michael Vaughan praises Pat Cummins for dealing with ’empathy’ in Justin Langer’s resignation issue

Former England captain Michael Vaughan praised Australia Test captain Pat Cummins for managing the Justin Langer resignation issue with “empathy.”

During a virtual press conference on Wednesday, Cummins had said that langer should not be surprised with the feedback the players and support staff made regarding him because there were two years of evaluation.

“Pat Cummins inside 4 months as a Captain has shown exactly how to do it … Todays press conference was a masterclass in delivering empathy with clarity to why things have happened … he just knows how to do it,” tweeted Vaughan.

Cricket Australia on Saturday accepted men’s team head coach Justin Langer’s resignation.

“Justin was offered a short-term extension to his current contract, which sadly he has opted not to accept,” stated an official Cricket Australia release.

“I think he tweaked and changed quite a bit. He deserves a lot of credit for that. I think the question then became do we think that it’s sustainable. We thought it is the right time to make a change. I think some of these skill sets are perhaps a little bit different to perhaps his traditional coaching style,” Cummins had told reporters on Wednesday.

“I think he tweaked his coaching style in the last six months and did a really good job. But we think now is the right time for a different direction. It’s a matter of opinion but we think it’s the right one. I don’t think he should be surprised though, it’s been two years of evaluation. I don’t think there’s any big surprise,” he added.

Langer was appointed as the men’s team coach in 2018. Under Langer, Australia won the T20 World Cup 2021 and then the Ashes.

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