‘Joe Root was never going to be successful captain’ says Ian Chappell;

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‘Joe Root was never going to be successful captain’ says Ian Chappell;

Former Australia skipper Ian Chappell has said that Joe Root is a poor captain and the Three Lions’ Test captain quickly runs out of ideas.

In the just finished Men’s Ashes, England suffered an 0-4 defeat under Root. The captain of the Three Lions was heavily criticised for his bad decision-making and selecting decisions.

“The captaincy failure, despite having led his country more times than any other captain, is Joe Root. It doesn’t matter what Root or any other English devotee tells you. Root is a fine batter but a poor captain. He was never going to be a successful leader. Though England under him have a reasonably presentable record at home, Root has lacked imagination as a captain, quickly run out of ideas, and showed little “gut feel” for the game. Too often his choice of bowlers to begin a session caused head-scratching, but the real killer were his tactics: they often made no sense,” Chappell wrote in his column for ESPNcricinfo.

“There is a distinct feeling that Root listened to far too many off-field advisers. A good captain has to take charge and this was an area where Root failed dismally. There’s no doubt his last tour was badly hampered by player injuries and he was poorly treated by fate. Nevertheless, ten Tests for eight losses and two unflattering draws is a fair summation of Root’s leadership in Australia. It was poor captaincy accompanied by bad luck,” he added.

Stuart Broad, the paceman, would not be an excellent option to captain England in Test cricket, according to Chappell.

“To suggest that the answer to the leadership void is Stuart Broad lacks understanding of cricket captaincy. Apart from Broad’s advanced (cricket) age and articulate off-field responses, he’s a negative influence – particularly with field placings – and would be a poor choice as captain,” said Chappell.

“In press conferences Root kept saying, “We are going to learn from our mistakes and take the positives out of this match.” This raised the question of precisely when they were going to learn. England kept making the same mistakes under Root and rarely learned. Although it will be a difficult task, if England want to improve. They first have to find a new and capable captain,” he added.

In March, England will take on the West Indies in a three-match Test series.

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