IPL 2022: Auction really important, we will be preparing base for next 5-6 years, says Sanju Samson

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IPL 2022: Auction really important, we will be preparing base for next 5-6 years, says Sanju Samson

The Rajasthan Royals, along with the nine other IPL teams, will enter the IPL 2022 Player Auction this weekend to complete the playing squads for the 15th season of the Indian Premier League, after a long process that involves scouting, observing, analysing, and evaluating several players.

The Royals would have INR 62 crore in their purse, going into the auction, having retained three players in Sanju Samson (14 crore), Jos Buttler (10 crore), and Yashasvi Jaiswal (4 crore).

“This auction is really important because we know we could very well be preparing our base for the next 5-6 years. So, we’ve made sure to track everyone and give the opportunity to as many players as possible during the trials. Our goal is to now target the ones we think align with our vision, can embrace our values, and help our team get back to the top,” Sanju Samson said in an official release.

The Royals, who are known for early adopters of technology in the IPL. They have adopted a number of tools and technologies for monitoring and performance measurement. The technology used during the trials, where only a few players invited. As well as when evaluating data from a bigger worldwide pool of players, estimated to around 2000, which implies that every single player who played in any T20 league, domestic or international, is monitored.

Auction really important, we will be preparing base for next 5-6 years – Sanju Samson

When the bells ring on the 12th, it won’t just be about teams buying players and putting together teams; it’ll be about making a long-term influence, an impact that has a multiplier effect on everything – in a good manner. To bring these people’s dreams to reality and to produce new stories that will written not just in GOLD. But also in the Royals’ pink and blue.

Mega auctions have seen some fantastic picks in the past, ones. That may not have appeared to be absolute superstars to the untrained eye. But were crucial in the grand scheme of things, thanks to meticulous analytical support. Something that has been a hallmark of the Royals franchise in terms of recruitment. And which the team and Director of Cricket, Kumar Sangakkara, believes might once again come to the fore, providing the squad with more clarity as they prepare for the long-term.

“Our analytical assessments detailed, right from the information. We’ve collected on players to getting them integrated in a central database. We further filter the data, backed. With a robust analytic process which enables us to arrive. At the right metrics further refining our overall player identification process. It’s really quite a comprehensive process,” said Sangakkara.

This will be the IPL’s fifth mega auction. And all of the previous ones have been extremely surprising for a variety of reasons.

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