IPL 2022: After 2019 season, I thought my IPL career was over says Mohammed Siraj

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IPL 2022: After 2019 season, I thought my IPL career was over says Mohammed Siraj

IPL 2022: After a disappointing 2019 season with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), India bowler Mohammed Siraj said that he thought his Indian Premier League (IPL) career was over.

Siraj took seven wickets and surrendered runs at an economy rate of 9.55 in nine matches for RCB in 2019. Siraj let up 36 runs in 2.2 overs against KKR and was forced out of the attack after bowling two beamers.

“2019 the performance with RCB was so bad that I thought that is the end of my IPL career. But then I realized that I still have age on my side. So I decided to trust myself a bit and thankfully the RCB management also backed me. I almost thought any franchise in their position would have let go of a bowler after that kind of performance, but they backed me, and then 2020 the game against KKR was a life-changing game for me,” Siraj said on the ‘RCB Podcast’.

“When I bowled those two beamers against KKR, people said ‘quit cricket and go back and drive autos with your father’. There were so many such comments. And people don’t see the struggle behind all this. But I remember when I first got selected how MS Dhoni told me to not listen to everything the people have to say about me. ‘You do well today and they’ll praise you and when you don’t the same people will abuse you. So don’t ever take it seriously.’ And yes, the same people who trolled me incessantly back then say ‘you’re the best bowler bhai’. So, I know. I don’t want anybody’s opinion. I’m the same Siraj I was back then,” he added.

After strong performances for RCB in the IPL 2020. Siraj called up to the India Test side for the Australia series in 2020-21. Siraj also became the first bowler in tournament history to deliver two maiden overs during the season.

“Virat Kohli told me something I’d never be able to forget. After returning from Australia, he said Miyan, well bowled, what you’ve done in Australia is unbelievable. Nobody will be able to forget what you have done there. Keep at it and keep your focus on fitness and keep putting in the hard work,” said Siraj.

RCB has decided to keep three players for the IPL 2022 season. Siraj is one of them. Virat Kohli and Glenn Maxwell are the other two players. On February 12 and 13, Bengaluru will host a mega auction ahead of the IPL 2022 season.

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