India vs Pakistan: ‘When India play against Pakistan, world stops to watch’ says PCB chief Ramiz Raja

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India vs Pakistan: ‘When India play against Pakistan, world stops to watch’ says PCB chief Ramiz Raja;

Ramiz Raja, the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board, wants to organise a quadrangular T20I tournament. In which Pakistan vs India, England, and Australia – the three major cricketing powers – each year.

He plans to pitch the concept to the ICC board of directors in March. Noting that bilateral series in the format are financially taxing. And that a tournament like this would be a means to generate more revenue from them.

Raja made the statement after sharing an idea on Twitter about submitting a proposal to the International Cricket Council (ICC). The proposal to create an annual Four Nations T20I series between India and Pakistan.

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“We want to make progress. Take a look at the statistics from the T20 World Cup. When Pakistan faces India, the entire globe comes to a halt to watch, and it is a spectacular spectacle. We need to figure out what the fans want and then do what is appropriate.”

“We need to talk about it and be more specific about what we want to do. I’m working on a potential debate that I’d like to present to the ICC and see how it goes” said Ramiz Raja as reported by ESPNcricinfo.

“There are several rivalries, like as the Ashes and the Pakistan-India rivalry, so four T20 teams playing each other can’t go wrong. We need to pique the fans’ interest as they grow tired with the FTP, and we need to come up with something new ” he added.

Raja previously stated, He would like to see India, Pakistan, Australia, and England compete in a T20I series every year.

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