Definitely the World Cup will come to India says Yash Dhull’s father Vijay Dhull;

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Definitely the World Cup will come to India says Yash Dhull’s father Vijay Dhull;

Yash Dhull has led the Indian Under-19 team to the final, scoring a century in the process. India’s unbeaten record makes them the top favourite in this year’s World Cup. India’s Under-19 squad will now meet England in the World Cup final, and the entire country is cheering for them to win.

“Definitely the World Cup will come to India as the team is performing so well then they deserve it. There is no doubt that the other team has also performed well to get there and the aim is only one. The entire nation is expecting them to do well and why not after all they are doing so well.” said Yash Dhull’s father Vijay Dhull told ANI.

Not only Yash Dhull’s batting, but his captaincy is also appreciated, as he is on the verge of creating the history which the likes of Mohammed Kaif, Virat Kohli, Unmukt Chand, and Prithvi Shaw did for India in the Under-19 WC.

“Yash’s cricketing mind is very sharp and he takes things very seriously. He picks up very quickly on what batters will do during such a situation. Which bowler should put against which batter. He also makes quick changes. Once I asked him what you do then he told me that he keeps an eye on what batter is doing and where he is making a mistake and then accordingly which bowler will be able to bowl him better. His main focus over there.” explained his father Vijay Dhull.

India is the most successful country in the ICC Under-19 World Cup, having won it four times in total, but it doesn’t bother the Indian colts in the least.

“As much as I know he does not take the pressure. He plays game to game and his family is definitely not under any pressure. For us, the biggest achievement is that he selected for the Under-19 team. The rest of the other things are different. The players who play game to game do not take too much pressure. There are many players in the team who do not take the pressure and play game to game,” said Yash Dhull’s father.

India just missed out on winning the previous World Cup in 2020, losing in the final to Bangladesh and finishing as runners-up. As a result, the stakes are much higher this time to make it a fifth time in a row.

“Definitely the entire country is expecting from the entire team and Virat Kohli and others are our national heroes who have achieved so much. So, we all are hopeful and why not, after all, every player is doing well,” told Yash Dhull’s father.

When Yash Dhull hit triple figures against Australia, the entire stadium erupted in applause, as did former India cricket legend VVS Laxman, who has accompanied the team to the Caribbean as an NCA Head.

“VVS Laxman is a role model of these players and his presence means that the unwanted pressure on the boys is taken care of. A player’s of Laxman’s calibre in the dressing room keeps your mind cool and confidence also builds. When he backs any player then imagine how much it will boost the confidence of any player.” said Vijay Dhull on VVS Laxman’s presence in Antigua.

Captain Yash Dhull’s century could not have come at a better time, since the IPL auctions will take place after the Under-19 World Cup, with these players up for grabs by franchises.

“It is good that the IPL auctions are happening at a later date because it is a growing stage of the boys and if they get a better platform at this age then it augurs better for their future. I think it is a good thing. What is more important is the fact that he should get picked. There are ten teams and all of them are good. All the international level cricketers are performing so getting picked up is more important rest where he is picked up by which side I have no idea about,” said Vijay Dhull.

With his 110-run innings, Yash Dhull joined Virat Kohli in 2008 and Unmukt Chand in 2012 as the third India captain to score a century in the Under-19 World Cup.

“He said Virat Kohli is his favourite and it will be great if he plays with him in his franchise and his calmness is like Dhoni. So, if you get to play with big players then you get to learn a lot,” said Vijay Dhull.

The Indian Under-19 squad, led by Yash Dhull, will face England in the final. That means they are just one win away from winning the Under-19 World Cup for the fifth time in a row.

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