Dean Elgar extends support to head coach Mark Boucher in racism hearing;

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Dean Elgar extends support to head coach Mark Boucher in racism hearing;

South Africa Test skipper Dean Elgar said that the Proteas are supporting their coach Mark Boucher, who is facing allegations of misconduct.

The disciplinary hearing regarding charges of misconduct against Mark Boucher has been rescheduled for May 16-20 because the coach wishes to call some players on his behalf, and these players will be involved in the Bangladesh Tour of South Africa and the Tour of New Zealand.

“We’ve realised cricket comes first for us irrespective of what our head coach is going through but we are still supporting him through this process because we know how much value he adds to our system and our group,” said Elgar as reported by ESPNcricinfo.

“We’ve had these tough times before. We need to stick together, which we’ve done in the past, and let this process follow its course. Also we know we are there to play cricket; we are there to win matches, win series and that’s ultimately the way I view it. In the same breath, we are still supporting our head coach because he is a massive part of our group,” he added.

The skipper further said that the disciplinary hearing will take it’s own time. And he has got no knowledge of the players who will be testifying.

“We had a feeling it might come to this point. When players might asked to testify in the hearing and so be it. It’s a natural process that will take place and we will cover those grounds within the next month. We have some time until May to establish some concrete ground for players,” said the skipper.

“I’m sure our player representative board will come into play. To assist us through this process if players asked to testify. I haven’t heard who and when the players will be to fulfil these requests,” he added.

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