PAK vs AUS: Won’t be surprised if some Australia players don’t tour Pakistan says Josh Hazlewood;

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PAK vs AUS: Won’t be surprised if some Australia players don’t tour Pakistan says Josh Hazlewood;

PAK vs AUS: Australia pacer Josh Hazlewood has said that he would not be surprised if any of his teammates refuse to tour Pakistan due to security concerns.

Australia is due to visit Pakistan in March, marking the first time the country has been visited since 1998.

“There’s a lot of things in place and there’s been a lot of work in the background by CA and the ACA. So the trust is quite high there from the players, but there’d certainly be some concerns from the players and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them don’t make the tour,” quoted Hazlewood as saying.

“And that’s very fair. People will discuss it with their families … and come up with an answer and everyone respects that,” he added.

Three Tests, three ODIs, and one T20I will be played during Australia’s visit of Pakistan. The Test matches will be held in Karachi (March 3-7), Rawalpindi (March 12-16), and Lahore (March 21-25), with the four white-ball matches taking place in Lahore from March 29 to April 5.

Josh Hazlewood had missed the first four Ashes Tests due to a side strain, and he expressed his frustration at being forced to wait on the bench.

“If I’d had a normal (side strain), a big injury and you know you’re going to be out. Then you can deal with it all at once. But it just kept teasing, kept teasing. I might be able to play this one, I might be able to play that one,” said Hazlewood.

“I’ve certainly had a typical side strain, where you tear your oblique (muscle). You can’t bowl another ball and are out for at least six or seven weeks. This one was different … the strength came back really quickly, and I could do a lot of things in the gym. It was just bowling, that dynamic movement, that caused a bit of grief. It was an unusual one,” he added.

When asked how he felt Australia winning the Ashes 4-0, the pacer said: “It was very frustrating. You probably don’t realize it as much now. But when you look back in 10 years … people will talk about the Ashes. When they won 4-0 in 2021 … and it’d hit you again.”

“It was frustrating watching and obviously as time goes on, you’d be reminded of it more often than not. But that’s part of fast bowling, I guess,” he added.

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